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East Lake is one of nine Condominium Associations located within the 3600 acre private community known as "The Eastman Community". Although part of the Master Association where owners share in the common amenities, East Lake is a separate entity with its own governing documents and responsibility for funding the Maintenance, Repair, and Replacement of the East Lake Condominium Association.

East Lake was formed in 1978 and has a total of 77 units—this total encompasses four different style units—the Wheelock, Webster, Parkhurst and Ledyard.. These units vary in actual square footage in accordance with the unit style.  For emergency response purposes, the Association later adopted the following Street Names: 

Pleasant Drive (1-42, 72-77)
Black Duck Spur (43-56 & 63)
Pintail Knob (57-62 & 64-71) 

Currently serving on the Board is: Joe Giordano, President and Directors Cindy Bagley and Ashleigh McFarlin. The directors serve a rotating three year term, which means there is one position open annually.

Please browse through this site for additional information that is pertinent to your specific Association. Enjoy!

Always keep fire extinguishers and flashlights handy for emergencies.  It is a good idea to install carbon monoxide detectors in your unit.
For safety, please remember to place your outdoor grill at the furthermost point of the building when in use.
Also putting a "fire mat" under your grill  is a great risk reducer.  You can purchase one from any building supply store.  
Fees may change each fiscal year; therefore, open the FINANCIAL LINK at the top of the page to verify the monthly Association Fees  

Love your pet...... but please remember to be courteous to your neighbors and pick up after your pet. Remember to submit your completed Welcome Pet Form to the Board of Directors for all pets including those of  your guests or tenants. 
East Lake Lift Station/Sewer Alarm information 


There are four lift (pump) stations in East Lake:
    •Lift (#1) Serves #2 and #3- 2 lines entering station; Located between the two walks
    •Lift (#2) Serves #17-20 – 4 lines - Located to the front right of 20
    •Lift (#3) Serves #24-27 – 4 Lines - Located between 24 and 25
    •Lift (#4) Serves #32-37- 6 lines - Located to the right of #33

There have been far too many lift station failures due to user negligence. The Lift Stations have failed due significant amounts of “flushable” wipes. Pump stations/sewer lines are not equipped to shred and handle wipes, grease, garbage, sanitary pads, diapers, hygiene products, etc. in the system. DO NOT flush any type of “Flushable or Biodegradable” products down the system as the pumps/lines cannot handle them. Although many units have garbage disposals, those units on a Lift Station
 can damage the pumps by disposing grease down the disposal; grease is not good for any system with or without a pump.
 Do not allow any of the above to enter the system whether through the toilets or sinks. Remember, just because a product is labeled “flushable” or safe for sewer systems does not mean they can be safely disposed of in of our systems; they are NOT GOOD for the systems.  

As the Unit Owner, you are responsible for the actions of family, friends and/or tenants using your unit. It is mandatory that your guests and tenants respect the system. This informational sheet and the Lift Station Alarm contact list should be prominently displayed in your unit.  

The above applies to all unit owners and guests regardless of whether or not your unit is on a lift station or is directly connected to the Village District Sewer System. The cost to replace a pump or sewer line is significant. It is critical to the health of the system, the protection of our units, common property and the environment that we all take more care. This is your Association and your money; protect them!
ELCA Board of Directors

If you see or hear an alarm from one of the above locations, please contact one of the following:

Belle Terre Property Management – [Office] 603.863.1405
Terry Jones of Belle Terre  [Cell] 603.558.0684
Lori Pare of Belle Terre [Cell] 603.568.4498

Eastman Security @ 603.863.4091 for additional contact information.

NOTE: There is a button to turn off the alarm on the inside of the lift station panel; however, do not turn off the 
alarm until you have notified one of the above.  

Wood Burners Alert 
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