Your Association’s insurance is issued through the Davis & Towle Agency and underwritten by Vermont Mutual which is A+ rated. If you have questions regarding your coverage please feel free to contact Erika or Paul Sheppard @ 1-603-428-3238.

The Association’s policy has a $25,000 deductible per unit.  In accordance with your Association’s By-Laws, Article VI  Section 1(a) “The amount of any deductible shall be paid by the Unit Owner or Owners in the same proportion as their claims made.”

We recommend you check with your agent to verify your Homeowner’s Policy (HO6) has sufficient coverage to adequately protect you against the first $25,000 of insurable damage.

All insurance claims filed through the Association’s Carrier are handled through the management company; therefore, please report any damage to Belle Terre Property Management immediately. 

If you need a written copy of the “Certificate of Insurance” please contact Erika Sheppard with Davis & Towle @ 1-603-428-3238.  Please be sure to provide your name, unit number, current mailing address, and mortgagee information when applicable. 

To view the Association’s MASTER POLICY AND CERTIFICATE OF INSURANCE on line, click on the appropriate link below: